BREAKING: Obama-Owned Company Busted For Illegal Weapons Trading

Obama’s “security” company, known as NOS Inc, was raided by the ATF just outside Pikascewataloc, Louisiana in an operation agents are calling “one of the largest illegal weapons seizures on American soil.” Along with cases containing hundreds of fully-automatic assault rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition, more than 4 dozen rocket-propelled grenades and 11 Stinger missile launchers were also recovered.

ATF Spokeswoman Mya Leftnutter explained the significance:

“The kind of weapons we see here can’t possibly be for any purpose other than death and destruction. To have some guns is one thing, but to have have a stockpile that could supply a small army and shoot planes out of the sky is overboard. We beleieve these guns were on their way to ISIS in Mexico.”

Obama amassed a huge number of his Islamic brothers at the Mexican border for years. Was this his plan? get them these weapons? Agent Leftnutter says there is enough firepower to wipe out a small city…and then reload:

“Honestly, it’s a prepper’s dream, but unless you’re looking at the total breakdown of society, this kind of firepower is just superfluous.”

“Superfluous” means there’s not just too many but they also cost way too much. Does that mean they were funded somehow by taxpayer money? We will follow and keep you updated on this developing story.

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