BREAKING: Atlanta Falcons Player Injures Knee While Kneeling For Anthem, Out For The Season

Oh, this is priceless! The Atlanta Falcons are now down a player not because of an injury he acquired at a game. This wasn’t a normal “someone just got hurt playing football” scenario, either. Third-string quarterback Darnell Russell got a strong dose of karma as he dropped to one knee during the National Anthem.

Russell has only played one game this season, a game that the Falcons lost, but every single week he has joined the team in kneeling for the National Anthem – a protest against police for doing their jobs, our military, our flag, our Constitution, and our freedom. On Sunday when he “took a knee,” something snapped. ESPN reports:

Things were off to a tense start at Mercedes-Benz Stadium when Falcons reserve quarterback Darius Russell suddenly screamed in pain as the team knelt for the National Anthem protest.

The increasingly unpopular attacks on Donald Trump have caused the Falcons a number of problems in recent weeks, but “no one expected that a player would be injured because of them,” former Falcons linebacker Brian Singer told ESPN earlier tonight.

Russell was rushed to Saint Mathilda Memorial Hospital where he was treated for a torn ligament, but he was advised not to return to the field this season.

Since he has only played one game, this won’t exactly be a major loss for the Falcons. Maybe they can find a trashcan or a small goat to replace him with.

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