Just When You Thought Hillary Couldn’t Fall Any Lower! Kellyanne Conway Finishes Her For Good …!

When asked if she could have saved Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Conway simply said, “No.”

Kellyanne Conway just put the final nail in Hillary Clinton’s political coffin with her statement today.

There is no way Hillary Clinton can come back to haunt our government and country after this one!

Kellyanne Conway has stepped up as an advisor to President Trump after playing an integral role in his monumental election. Now she is of course continuing her tirade through the mainstream media and ripping them apart one by one until they will eventually learn that she is smarter and just simply better than they are.

Kellyanne Conway recently agreed to a Q&A with the Washington Post.

In the interview Conway was congratulated for being the first female campaign manager to win a presidential campaign, but the best part was when Conway was asked about what she would have done if she had been in charge of Hillary Clinton’s campaign instead.

Not even the brilliant strategist that led Donald Trump past a multitude of Republican shoe ins for the Republican candidacy and then through the general election against someone with 30 years of political experience in Hillary Clinton could have saved Crooked Hillary’s campaign.

Conway went on to explain why Hillary was a lost cause.

Via Washington Post

“One is she could never really escape the fact that, including according to … polling, that persistent, nagging majorities of Americans find her to be dishonest and untrustworthy and didn’t particularly like her, either.”

“Two, it’s not clear to me that this woman who has surrounded herself with talented professionals — I’m very fond of Robby Mook, her campaign manager, for example, and I have a cordial relationship with Huma Abedin — had ever surrounded herself with people who would actually tell her no. Or that this isn’t a good idea. Or that this isn’t working. Which every leader needs.”

Kellyanne Conway is the absolute best! She is such a great role model for our young daughters and ladies! She just oozes class!

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